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Archie and Joaquin Will Make Out in the Next “Riverdale” Episode

It looks like Archie will be getting some action while in prison and it’s not from Veronica.

While the next episode of Riverdale will see Veronica trying to help Archie get out of prison, there’s one other person that Archie will be getting really close to and that’s his fellow prison mate Joaquin.

In the new promo for “The Great Escape,” Joaquin can be seen giving Archie a kiss while the two of them talk about something. Are they trying to finalize their plan to escape? And did Archie also want to kiss Joaquin?

While we still don’t know what exactly will lead them there, it’s not that surprising to see Joaquin kissing Archie. In season one, Joaquin and Kevin were one of Riverdale‘s many couples. They later broke up after Joaquin left town, although he later returned and disappeared again until Archie saw him in jail once he got sent to juvie.

Not to worry, Varchie fans, Archie and Veronica will certainly have some sort of meet up during the episode, according to the promo. Although, it’s not clear if this happens before or after the Joaquin and Archie kiss.

It would certainly be interesting to see how Kevin reacts to this, although, he’s kind of busy locking lips with his new BF Moose.

Will Joaquin and Archie our new favorite Riverdale couple? Looks like we’ll have to wait until Wednesday to find out what really happens.

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