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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Is Doing a Wrestling Episode

The Legends of Tomorrow have faced off against supervillains, speedsters, and time demons, but are they prepared to head into the wrestling ring?

Keto Shimizu, who serves as a showrunner on the hit The CW series, recently shared a photo of the ninth episode title for Legends‘ third season. The title page, for an episode called “Lucha de Apuestas”, is accented with a drawing of a luchador mask.

This comes after a few posts from Legends’ crew – including stunt coordinator Dean Choe and stunt performer Andrea Ross – hinted that some sort of wrestling set was on the way for the show.


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This got delivered today in our rehearsal space today! Let the jealousy begin. #legendsoftomorrow #legendsoftomorrowseason4 #behindthescene #wrestling

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Sporting my best office attire . . #onesie #glow #stunts #luchalibre #spandexpowersuit #wrestling #dayattheoffice @bewildher #dclegendsoftomorrow #lovemyjob

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There’s no telling exactly how wrestling is going to factor into the world of Legends, although the title, which translates to “Betting Fight”, could provide some sort of clues. And seeing as the episode is most likely the show’s midseason finale, it’s safe to assume that things could get pretty eventful, especially with the ensemble crossing paths with “magical fugitives” like unicorns, fairy godmothers, and the like.

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