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New ‘Supernatural’ Photos Show Sam Mourning Dean

Supernatural season 14 is coming soon, in some first-look photos of the new season show Jared Padalecki’s Sam Winchester rocking a new brooding look that fans will be buzzing about.

The season 13 finale saw Jensen Ackles’ Dead Winchester sacrifice his body to become the vessel for the archangel Michael, in order for the heavenly warrior to battle Lucifer. However, Michael isn’t done with his plans for the world and has hijacked Dean’s body in order further his own ends. That leaves Sam in a place where (as you’ll see below) he is no longer preoccupied with the standard grooming concerns.

As Padalecki tells it, “Sam’s not worried about sleeping or eating or shaving. He’s trying to figure out what happens with different people’s vessels and different angels.”

Meanwhile, Michael will be taking Dean’s body on a mission to correct the world he can no longer tolerate. Here’s what co-showrunner Andrew Dabb revealed about the larger story arc in season 14, and how Michael fits into it: “Michael looks around and sees this very flawed creation. He sees a way to start over. Basically, he wants to make a better world.”

The next image is Dean/Michael meeting up with yet another angel, Jo, one of the “less than ten” angels still left in existence, as part of the first step in Michael’s mission: seeing what kind of resources he has on his side.

“He’s taking a moment to assess the landscape.” Ackles says. “How useful are these angels; are they worth saving or teaming up with?”

As you can maybe surmise from the photo, this meeting will be more ominous than friendly. Ackles reveals that, “He [Michael] utilizes that meeting as an assessment of the greater realm of angels that exists. And she’s [Jo] not necessarily the best representation of the angels that are out there, because she kind of has her own agenda and is a bit rogue. So his meeting with her does prove to be a little different than anticipated, which makes for an interesting dynamic.”

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