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Star Trek Producers Talk Plans for More New Series

It’s been a big year for the Star Trek franchise with Star Trek: Discovery and the announcement of Patrick Stewart’s return as Jean-Luc Picard, but there are more big things still to come.

Speaking to Trek Movie as New York Comic Con, Star Trek: Discovery co-creator Alex Kurtzman, who is now in charge of expanding the Star Trek television franchise, teased “You’ll be hearing a lot about it very soon” in regards to more new Star Trek television series.

Speaking in broad terms, producer Heather Kadin said that it is their goal in expanding the Star Trek franchise is to make sure to avoid franchise fatigue be ensuring that each series has a distinct flavor.

“I think the one thing we can say which is more general is that it’s been a real conscious effort that every project we do have its own voice and occupy its own space,” Kadin said. “I don’t mean its own space in canon, I mean its own tonal vision. Because you shouldn’t tune in to Discovery and wonder if you flipped the channel, that it was Picard. They should feel different, they should have different messages coming from different people.”

Part of making that happen means recruiting creators with their own points of view.

“I think that’s what we’re most excited about because the writers and the caliber of people who keep coming out of the woodwork – Michael Chabon wrote the next short that’s coming, that’s ridiculous! – who are coming and raising their hands saying ‘Can I please be a part of Star Trek?’ has been amazing,” Kadin said.

Another part of avoiding franchise fatigue is making sure fans aren’t exhausted by having too much content all at once. While CBS executives have suggested that they want to have new Star Trek content all year, Kurtzman says there will be gaps to allow for anticipation.

“You have a good meal and then decide to take a walk before you have your dessert,” Kurtzman said. “That’s how to look at it.”

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