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‘Supergirl’ Stands in the Oval Office in New Season 4 Still

Supergirl may be National City’s hero, but it looks like the Girl of Steel will be headed to Washington in The CW series’ fourth season.

Variety recently released a new still from Supergirl‘s upcoming season featuring Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) presumably paying the President a visit as she stands in the Oval Office. You can check out the photo below.

The idea of Supergirl‘s fourth season having a presidential element is one that fans already expected. Back in July, Lynda Carter confirmed that she would be returning to the series as President Olivia Marsdin. The character was last seen in the season two episode “Resist” when she paid Supergirl a visit and now it appears that Supergirl will be visiting her.

As for why Supergirl is headed to Washington, while a lot of the season’s details remain secret, showrunners have made no secret of the fact that a culture war is brewing on the series, with new character Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer) attempting to pit humans versus aliens. It’s a tense situation that has echoes to current, real world concerns about the state of immigration both in the United States and around the world and, according executive producers to Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner, much of season four will center around “allegorical stories” tied to real-world events.

“This season, we’re telling allegorical stories about real life issues that are incredibly topical and current,” they said. “We want to explore how Supergirl can face the challenges that many of us are facing, so that she can inspire us to stand up against these types of injustices, too. Also, because Kara is a reporter, she’ll be reporting on many of the issues that our country is facing. We’ll be able to tackle issues of the press in this way and hopefully tell stories, which show how important a fair and free press is to democracy.”

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