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‘Titans’ Season Finale Teases Death of The Joker

The DC Universe’s Titans last episode proving to be a must-see episode of the season. The end of the season will be all about Dick Grayson.

Features of the episode are covered in mystery. By the behest of Jason Todd, Dick returning to the Gotham. Batman is going on to do the rampage on Gotham’s villains one-by-one and Jason asked Dick to stop Batman form it. As we can see in the trailer Batman will kill his main enemy Joker!

In the scene above we can see that Joker, probably, was dropped from a building.

The details of the trailer provide us with information about the possibility of a classic dark twist “Death in the Family” from the comics and this gave us the opportunity to vote on the future of Robin II who are not popular now. The Joker chose to make a test of Batman’s involvement “No Kill Rule” with beating Jason to death. In the end, Batman didn’t kill Joker and Jason become to be resurrected, Red Hood.

This Titans finale shows us one of the more controversial versions of Batman that you can imagine. Were Batman having been drugged or gassed into a rampage – or all from with was just a projection from Raven’s father who is the demon Trigun?

One other thing we can expect is that someone like The Joker faked his death to freely come out of the shadows, driving Gotham into the madness.

See Titans’ “Robin vs. Batman” season 1 finale this Friday, streaming on DC Universe.

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