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Warner Bros started work on Plastic Man Movie

As we know the script for the comedic action-adventure film will be painted by Amanda Idoko so, Classic DC hero Plastic Man will get to the TV.

Warner Bros hired Amanda Idoko, who is the excellent screenwriter, to pen new comics hero Plastic Man. And the executive producer will be Bob Shaya.

Initially, Plastic Man wasn’t a DC hero. He was created by Jack Cole for Quality Comics in the far 1941. In 1965 Quality Comics business went under and DC bought a lot of the characters, one of them was Plastic Man.

The true name of Plastic Man is Patrick “Eel” O’Brian. He was in a gang and during the not successful heist was shouted and doused with an acid. His gang left him dead, but he got alive and find unusual power inside himself. The superpower allowed him to shape-shift and turn his body into almost everything. After this changes, he became police officer.

Plastic Man was a member of the Justice League for some time, also he had his own cartoon.

It’s very beginning of the project and it doesn’t has a filmmaker on board. Warner Bros planning left this character with silly tones. So let’s see what Worner will prepare for us.

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